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Abel Mahony, Certificate of Birth & Baptism, Killarney, March 25, 1824. Son of Kain & Margaret Mahony





Kain Mahony, Certificate of Birth & Baptism, Killarney, April 13, 1828. Son of Kain & Margaret Mahony. Likely the "Uncle Cain" on gravestone.

Casey, Okeefe, Coshe Mang,...Vol. VI, p. 1023. Mary Mahony, daughter of Kain & Margaret Mahony, born November 11, 1837, Castleisland (This shows family had moved to Castleisland.)1
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Abel Mahony, obituary, Yonkers Gazette, February 20, 1875, p.3.―"a native of Castleisland, Co. Kerry...aged 52...New York and Yonkers please copy"

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Mrs. Ellen Mahony, obituary, Yonkers Herald, January 7, 1916―"born in Killarney, 1836...came to America 65 years ago [1851] and settled in New York City...married Abel Mahony in St. Stephen's Church in January, 1852"

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Daniel Mahony, baptism certificate, St. Stephen's Church, New York City, April 5, 1857―"Son of Abel Mahony & Ellen Sullivan"

1870 Federal Census, Yonkers, N.Y.―"Abel, age at last birthday 45, Plasterer. Ellen, Age 35, Keeping House"   .pdf    online
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Abel F. Mahony, Death Record, Nov. 13, 1939―"Father/Birthplace: Abel, Killarney. Mother/Birthplace: Ellen O'Sullivan, Killarney"




Gravestone in Castleisland―"Uncle Cain" is probably Kain Mahony (op cit), born 1828. The stone, erected in 1982, may have been partly for the purpose of providing some genealogy of Mahonys with the rare names of Cain and Abel.


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County Kerry, Ireland

1.  Abel Mahony, Certificate of Birth & Baptism, Killarney, March 21, 1824    .jpg

2.  Kain Mahony, Certificate of Birth & Baptism, Killarney, April 13, 1828

(3.)  Mary Mahony, b. Nov. 11, 1837, Castleisland.Casey, O'Keef Coshe Mang,...Vol. VI, p. 1023.1

4.   Letter from Ena Kennedy re: Kerry relatives. (See also Table II.)

5.   Abel O'Mahony (1867-1952) obituary in The Kerryman, July 26, 1952


New York City, Chicago, Yonkers

5.  Abel Mahony & Ellen Sullivan, Certificate of Marriage, New York City, Sunday, January 11, 1852

6.  Mahony Abel, plasterer, h 372 First av., New York City Directory, 1854-55

7.  Mahon, Abel, plasterer, h 160 E. 32d, New York City Directory, 1855-56

8.  Mahony Abel, plasterer, h 160 E. 32d, New York City Directory, 1856-57

9.  New York City Birth Record, March 22, 1857, Parents: Mahoney Abel & Ellen, 535 3rd Ave., Daniel J.  Mahony

10.  Daniel J. Mahony, Baptism Certificate, April 5, 1857

11.  Mahoney Abel, plasterer, h 535 Third av., New York City Directory, 1857-58

12.  Abel Mahony, Citizenship Papers, April 27, 1858

13.  Mahoney Abel, plasterer, h 22 N. Market, Chicago City Directory, 1859

14.  Ellen Mahony and children (no Abel) living with Wrens, Federal Census of Chicago, July 10, 1860

15.  Mahony Abel, plasterer, h B'way n Wells av, Yonkers Directory 1868-69

16.  Abel, Ellen, and seven children, Federal Census, Yonkers, June 25, 1870    .jpg    online

17.  Mahoney Abel, plasterer, h Ravine av, Yonkers Directory, 1873-74

18.  Abel Mahony, Report of Death, Chicago, Feb. 6, 1875

19.  Abel Mahony, death notice, Yonkers Gazette, Feb. 20, 1875

20.  Mahoney Ellen, Mrs., h 11 Chestnut Yonkers City Directory, 1877-78

21.  Mahoney Ellen, h Webster av n Walnut, Smawís Yonkers Directory, 1878-79

22 Mahony, Ellen, and children, Federal Census, Yonkers, 1880

23.  Daniel J. Mahony, Hatter, advertisement, Yonkers Directory, 1883

24.  Maggie Mahony, Ellen Mahony, Pew Holders, St. Mary's Church, Yonkers, January to March, 1883 2

25.  Daniel J. Mahony - Katie C. Dignan, Certificate of Marriage, Feb. 28, 1886

26.  Daniel J. Mahony (Jr.), N.Y. State Birth Return, July 14, 1887

27.  Daniel J. Mahony (Jr.), Catherine Mahony, Children of Daniel Joseph Mahony, Baptism Certificates, 1887

28.  Mahoney, Daniel J., hatmaker, h 37 Park Hill av, Yonkers City Directory, 1891

29.  Mahony, Daniel J., hats and men's furnishings, 28 N. Broadway, h 37 Park Hill av, Yonkers City Directory, 1891

30Mahony, The Hatter, and Gents' Furnisher, Yonkers City Directory, 1891

31.  Mahony, Ellen, widow Abel, h 144 Hawthorne av, Yonkers City Directory, 1891

32.  Mahony, James V., clerk, h 144 Hawthorne av, Yonkers City Directory, 1891

33.  Bernard Mahony, Ellen Mahony, Baptism Certificates, March 4, 1891, March 12, 1893

34.  Mahony & Flood, advertisement, Yonkers Statesman, April 22, 1895

35.  Joseph Mahony, Francis Mahony, Baptism Certificates, April 24, 1895, May 16, 1896

36.  Daniel J. Mahony in Rev. Charles Allisonís History of Yonkers, 1896

37.  Mahony the Hatter storefront, Allisonís History of Yonkers, 1896

38.  Mahony the Hatter store interior, Yonkers Illustrated, ca. 1902

39.  Ad for D. J. Mahony Real Estate, Yonkers City Directory, 1909

40.  Mahony, Ellen, et. al., Federal Census, Yonkers, 1910

41Loehrs, Logues, and Mahonys in Yonkers City Directory, 1912

42.  Billiard and Pool  Parlors, Mahony Daniel J., jr., 488 S Broadway, Yonkers Business Directory, 1914

43.  Ellen Mahony, Death Certificate, City of Yonkers, Jan. 5, 1916

44.  Mrs. Ellen Mahony, obituary , Yonkers Herald, Jan. 7, 1916   .pdf

45.  Ellen Mahony, death notice, Yonkers Herald, Jan. 7, 1916

46.  Mahony & Ball Real Estate, advertisement, Yonkers City Directory, 1920

47.  Daniel J. Mahony, obituary, photo, Yonkers Herald Statesman, Nov. 17, 1937, p. 2

48.  Mahony, Death Notice, Yonkers Herald Statesman, Nov. 17, 1937

49.  Daniel J. Mahony, Death Notice, The New York Times, Nov. 18, 1937 p. 23



1.  Children of Kain & Margaret in O'Keefe, Coshe Mang,...


Baptism Date

Vol., Page


March 25, 1824, Killarney

VI, 704


January 23, 1826, Killarney

VI, 722


April 13, 1828, Killarney

VI, 742


November 11, 1837, Castleisland

VI, 1023

2.  A number of connected names are in pews near each other:
Ellen and Maggie (dau. Margaret) Mahony,
Mrs. Alex Logue, Mollie's maternal grandmother,
Mrs. John Loeher (misspelled), Mollie's mother, Emily "Bella" Loehr
Alice Flynn is right next to Mrs. Loehr.
This may be where the Mahony-Flynn relationship started. The Flynns were also from Kerry. 
Bernard and James Degnan (Dignan), of the hatter's wife's family
The names Ball, Flood, and Lyons also appear, all of whom eventually had business relationships with Mahony the Hatter.
St. Mary's was the premier Catholic church in Yonkers back then, and to pay for a pew every year was a pretty big expenditure for sure.